I Disclose

Dear Readers, Companies, and Anyone Else This May Concern,

This blog is written, thoughtfully and thoroughly, by me. I am the sole creator, editor, and writer of the works you see before you. I take an immense amount of pride in my work. I am honest and fair when it comes to products that are submitted to me and experiences I am offered. I reserve the right to opt out of publishing a review if it conflicts with my original mission statement of being honest and fair.

This blog accepts cash advertising, paid sponserships, and other forms of compensation. I do not accept payment for reviewing products, however, sometimes I am sent free products to review for the intentions of writing a review. There are, on occasion, companies that send me gifts for reviewing their products. I will, and I do, accept gifts such as travel, gifts, products, services, and other forms of compensation from multiple companies and/or corporations.

I honor my integrity. I believe that honesty and trust are two of the strongest attributes a human can have. If compensation were to influence my review on a product, it would be disclosed in its entirety that I was being paid for the review in question. Any review that does not state the previous, is a review that I do not receive monetary payment for. Again, I pride myself in honesty and I will give an honest review while disclosing any monetary gain on my behalf.

Finally, we are all human and there is a pretty good chance that we won’t all agree with everything I’ve written on my blog. That’s okay with me if it’s okay with you! The content within may cause a conflict of interest, but the opinions, feelings, and views in this blog are solely mine and mine only. If I insist that I know an excess amount of information about the product under review, I will give the readers information directly from the manufacturer that solidifies these claims. I will only endorse products and/or services that I believe deserve said endorsement.