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Whorish Tendencies

Okay. Here’s the deal. We have all had that one person, right? The words don’t accurately express the definition of the relationship in its entirety.

Obsession. Infatuation. Boredom compelled lust.

An uneducated and ill-versed individual would perhaps use the term “love”. However, the person who uses this term is a fucking idiot.

The point of this annoying-as-fuck blog post is to point out how ridiculous human beings are on emotional, sentimental levels.

We cling to a person who makes us feel good. We may use another person to “make us feel good” … know what I’m saying?
Let me break it down for you in the simplest way possible.
Being in a comfortable relationship and having sexual contentment are two entirely different issues.

It would stand that two issues could be in need of two very different individuals.

You could juggle a spouse and a side chick/dick.
But society tends to frown on this way of living… And hold the phone! Let me just rant about how fucking STUPID that is.

1.)  Having more than one partner is a sin. Oh, SHUT THE FUCK UP already. Bitch! You sin everyday. In fact, the list of reasons your make believe daddy in the sky is going to send you to hell, is always accruing time and reasons. Kind of like interest on a car loan. You only live once… I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to get laid. Fucking freak.

2.) But I don’t believe in God. I think it’s just morally wrong. You know what’s morally wrong? Your fucking face! If you understood the principles of ethics at all, you wouldn’t say things like, “OMG Janet, that is like, sooooo morally wrong.”
Let me tell you something. Remember that time you watched Magic Mike and your lady bits tingled a bit? Outside of your relationship! *gasp* You are fucking morally deranged, yo.

(Just because you don’t act on it, doesn’t mean it isn’t all over your Medulla Oblongata.)

3.) Why would you cheat? Why not just leave your Significant other? Listen Linda, have you not heard the words I’ve been saying? I’m fucking comfortable. However, “comfortable” doesn’t really take the edge off my horny, know what I’m saying?

4.) Well you sound like a whore. Ehhh… you say tomayto, I say tomahto. I’m sorry that you aren’t comfortable with your sexuality. I know when I’m 50 I’m gonna have no ragrats for all the flavors I’ve tried. Meanwhile, you’ve been sipping on the same cruelty free, BPA free, natural, all-organic bottle of coconut water since 2007. Get the fuck outta here.

Annnnnnd, let’s face it. If its all up in your Medulla Oblongata already, then you might as well act on it. Live it up a little.
Get yo freak on.

Since you’re still reading this so far… let me give you a little something…

PRO-TIP: Leave the obsession and infatuation in the dust. Fuel yourself on that lust compelled through boredom. In the end, it makes it easier to enjoy yourself.

Or just be a prudent pile of no fun like Linda over there… but, if you choose that route;
You can’t sit with us.

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Being Nice · Relationships · Self-Recognition and Admiration

We Didn’t Realize That’s Who You Were

Here I am. Thinking this guy is like a well-rounded individual. He coaches Little League for fucks sake! He sports Under Armour and seems like a good dad. He owns like, 7 vehicles. But, then you see it. The crazy.
The abusive tendencies.
The alcohol consumption. Is it excessive? I don’t know. What I do know is that this guy that seemed like the community based dad of the fucking year, turns out to be crazily attached to one particular girl, while using other girls, and shitting in a bucket.

Yes, I said shitting in a bucket.

Underneath that Under Armour and behind those seven vehicles he owns, this guy lives in a garage and shits in a bucket.

I haven’t figured out how he showers yet. He seems like he would shower. He doesn’t seem like a scrub, but now I can’t not call him a scrub because he shits in a bucket. And that’s… Well, that’s just fucking wrong man.

A fucking bucket.

I guess I just can’t wrap my head around that. And, no, before you start getting all sanctimonious over your morals, ethics, and ideals… let me tell you that I’m not just throwing some poor bastard under the bus on an economic/financial level. He works a full time job. He’s a dad so I’m sure that might put a little dent in the ol’ checkbook, but he works full-time and no, it’s not a minimum wage job. You know where his favorite place to hang out is?  The bar. I bet the majority of his paychecks go there, when they could go to some fucking plumbing.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am even wasting my time talking about this guy that shits in buckets, and I’m getting there.

This guy appears, key word appears, to be a nice guy. A good dad, a hard-worker, a generally respected member of the community, right? But he’s not all those things. I can’t vouch for what kind of father he is, and quite honestly, I do think he is  a hard-worker. What I can say, from my perspective, is that he is an alcoholic and a womanizer.

Now, I believe that alcoholism is an illness. Just like cancer and depression are. I can’t hold people at fault for being addicted to anything. I know it’s originally a conscience decision. Eventually, one drink, becomes 2, 2 become 3, and next thing you know those drinks become a nightly thing. I can’t guarantee it, but I would guess that there is always an underlying issue as to why the addiction begins in the first place.
Was he abused as a child? Is he depressed over a break-up? Was he hurt so deeply that the alcohol is the only thing that numbs the pain enough so he can function on a daily basis? So, this is me, being empathetic.

Okay, so here comes the part that encouraged me to blog about this guy. He’s obsessed with a girl, but fucks with the minds and hearts of other girls.


That’s what I want to scream at him! ^^^
Adding pain and suffering on top of your own pain and suffering isn’t going to make you feel better, so why do it?
More importantly, why do we let guys do it? Why do we take what they say with so much trust and belief? Is it because we want to believe that someone could love us and care about us the way it, ever so easily, rolls off their tongues?

I’ll tell you why we do it.

We search for the best in people. We want to help them. We want to find all of the nurturing qualities available to us and deflect them on to someone else in a helpful way. We want to love without limits and we want other people to feel good about it.
Love is a game; You are going to win some, you are going to lose some. That’s okay. What’s not okay is purposely hurting people, or unintentional bouncing two women around.

So, I say to you bucket-shitter;
I get it, maybe your feelings are hurt. Maybe you are confused… But that does not give you the right to make decisions that have a negative impact on people who care about you.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

Uh, not in this situation.

It’s never worth loving someone who is going to bounce between you and another person. So, maybe this guy will grow up, but maybe he won’t. You never know. I think the first order of business should be focusing on obtaining proper plumbing.