About Me

So I should tell you who I am, eh?
First off, I’m a mom. My name is Whitney, pronounced Whit-Nay because I said so, but you can call me Whit.
I am the mother to 4 beautiful little boys. By beautiful, I mean demonic little tornadoes of destruction. However, they are cute, so I look past all that.
I am a current student majoring in psychology and English Lit. I have a decent GPS. Somewhere around the 3.8 mark. Yeah, yeah. I’m bragging now. I’m with this guy… you know, the one you love. Over the moon, swing on the stars, and landing back on earth. Only less. Ha. He is my rock though. We have hurt each other and we have loved one another and we have beautiful little boys that we are raising so I think we are wonderful people. And quite honestly, we work well together. I think the word “comfortable” comes to mind. Judge us and fuck off, bro.

I’m overweight, but I have a gym membership. To date I’ve gone to the gym twice. #KillingIt. I overuse hash tags too. I can’t help it.
Bad grammar and spelling irritates me. I’m sorry, but I’m judging your intelligence, so get it together or get out! 🙂
I’m a Shakeology girl who sells Pure Romance, (No I won’t pressure you in here, I’m simply telling you so you can wrap your pretty little head around the type of girl I am), I use oils, and I love food. I’m attempting Paleo, but one drive by the local DQ and I’m convinced that I need a strawberry cheesecake blizzard. (A small, because a medium is outrageous and who needs the perfect balance of cheesecake and ice cream?) Okay, fine, a medium it is.

If you ever need to contact me, at mamamusingdelusion@gmail.com. Please don’t spam me… I’m a mom, student, and you know… other stuff. Don’t fuck with me, ever, brah.